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Tim recently appeared at San Francisco Sketchfest, opening for Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls). Tim and Danny also just performed at DragCon LA and DragCon UK! 

Tim was nominated for Best Sketch Comedy of the Year at The Queerty Awards 2019! 

Tim's Stand-Up Show "Wait... Let's Have Fun! toured to London, Columbus, Atlanta, Orlando, DC, Miami, OC, Edinburgh Fringe and sold out in NYC, LA, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale.


February, 2019

Tim joined "The Agenda" an all queer improv team at UCB. Tim also performed stand-up at Mickey's WeHo, The West Side Comedy Club in Santa Monica and

at Acme NoHo with the show he produces: Gaybut! 

January, 2019


Throughout the night it becomes apparent that Tim is a master when it comes to interacting with the audience.

-Phoenix Remix

Tim Murray is a comic standout as Anastasia's tango-dancing flash bulb popping admirer. -Stage Buzz

"Murray as the fiance/maid is just terrific, and watch for the explosive spit-take he does that even an old-time vaudeville comic would have envied." -Post Standard

"Tim Murray thrives as contrasting suitors, timing his small lines for big laughs" -Syracuse New Times

"Murray’s adeptness with comedy provides much relief to the angst that surrounds his character" -NY Theatre Guide

Tim performed at Sketchfest and Flapper's. He also launched his podcast

with Peter Kim "Slumber Party!".  

December, 2018

Tim performed Stand-Up at The Comedy Store, UCB Franklin, The Cave and UCB Sunset.

Murray’s adeptness with comedy provides much relief to the angst that surrounds his character

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